Conservative dentistry includes the set of treatments that allow us to maintain the health of teeth and gums attacked by tooth decay, trauma or other pathological factors. At the Gaset Lacasa Dental Clinic, Dra. Laida Comino and Dr. Jordi Cadellans are in charge of carrying out the necessary treatments so that you can keep your teeth healthy!

Conservative treatment has three goals:
  • Sanitize the mouth by removing those pieces that do not have treatment.
  • Repairing parts suffering from dental caries , either with a filling or with a dental inlay, a task that in our clinic is carried out by Dr. Laida Comino.
  • Treat the nerve of the teeth that have it affected by caries. This treatment is known as endodontics . Dr. Jordi Cadellans is our specialist in endodontics and his top priority is to ensure that you can keep your teeth.