Odontopediatrics is aimed at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood oral and dental diseases, and finishes when the patient already has their permanent dentition.

Encara en el ventre de la futura mare, aquesta ja té cura de la salut oral del seu bebè
El bebè precisa també atencions orals
En la infantesa cal vetllar pels hàbits orals i la càries dental especialment
Jove adolescent: té les dents ben posades? Cal preguntar-ho al dentista!

Odontopediatrics can always give you a good advice!

The expectant person will have to maintain a proper dental hygiene in order to reduce the pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity so that they do not pass into the bloodstream and thus reach the fetus.


In addition, childhood is a very important stage in life, in which children learn and absorb quickly everything they see around them. That is why it is necessary to teach at home the acquisition of healthy habits and to explain the kid that the dental clinic is the natural environment to maintain health and quality of life.

Odontopediatrics is one of our specialities since the clinic foundation, 36 years ago.

Currently, the professionals of Odontopediatrics are

Dr. Lacasa, Dr. Muela and Dr. Casas.

The main areas of Odontopediatrics are:


Prevention and treatment of possible oral common diseases, such as caries and gingivitis.


Prevention and treatment of malocclusion due to a lack or excess of space in the jaws to properly accommodate the temporary teeth.


Bad habits correction (such as thumb sucking), healthy hygienic habits acquisition, understanding the importance of a healthy diet, etc.

Odontopediatric treatments

Les dents de llet cauen perquè la que surt a sota "es menja" l'arrel. Aquí la dent de llet encara conserva arrel i s'ha d'extreure
Extraction of a temporary tooth

Temporary teeth have two main objectives: allow the children to chew and to keep the necessary space for the permanent teeth to correctly grow in and replace them. Sometimes temporary teeth do not fall by themselves and, in this scenarios, the work of he odontopediatrics doctor is needed.

However, it is a simple treatment and we do our best to minimize all the unpleasant sensations that the children can experience in a situation like this one. We always work hard for our patients to be confortable in the clinic and for the children to come back to the dentist without any fear.

La ferida que queda a la geniva un cop extreta la dent de llet depén de la longitud de l'arrel però normalment es cura ràpidament
Pits and fissures sealing

There is a type of caries that is typical at the pits and fissures on the occlusal area of the children molars. Sealing this pits and fissures in order to prevent occlusal decays is a very simple, effective-proven measure and, moreover, it is a technique that hardly always can be performed avoiding the use of anesthesia.

Les fractures de les dents són freqüents durant la infància però solen ser lleus
Dental traumatism

In order to proceed with the reconstruction of the tooth that is broken after a traumatism, we prepare the tooth surface with ortho-phosphoric acid and, after adding the adhesives, we put the composite in a color and shape as close as possible to the natural one. We proceed to the polymerization and we finish to give the shape and brightness needed to achieve a successful result.

Els compòsits utilitzats per a reconstruir esmalt dental passen totalment desapercebuts
La retirada quirúrgica del frenet permet tractar la separació o diastema fins a ajuntar les dues incisives
Diastema closure

Diastemas are abnormal separations between teeth. It is often found in the upper arch, between the central incisors. In some cases, the cause of the problem is the upper lip frenulum, which needs to be removed. The result is always excellent.

Un cop l'espai eliminat recuperem l'harmonia del somriure
El frenet labial està constituït per fibres que separen els ossos maxil·lars
Upper lip frenulum

Oral frenulums are made of connective tissue fibbers that keep the lips or tongue in their biological place. However, sometimes hypertrophy of the frenulum can be a cosmetic and functional problem. This malformation is usually treated in childhood.

The surgery is very simple and painless, giving a very satisfactory result.

La retirada quirúrgica del frenet permet tractar la separació o diastema fins a ajuntar les dues incisives






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