Orthodontics is the branch of Dentistry that is dedicated to the correction of the anomaly positions of the teeth and the maxillary. These types of alterations can cause cheating and speech problems, as well as directly affecting dental and facial aesthetics.

How can we correct malocclusions?


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Below you will find a GUIDE to identify the case of malocclusion presented by your child:

The age at which the child presents temporary dentition (milk teeth) or mixed teething (milk teeth and some pieces of permanent dentition).

Purposes of treatment at this age:

  1. Intercept early malocclusions.
  2. Correct bad habits before the eruption of permanent teeth.
  3. Reduce the need for dental extraction.
  4. Avoid orthognathic or corrective surgery.
  5. Reduce significantly the time of treatment with the brackets.

Clicking on the image, you will access to the malocclusion that your child may presents and how it has been resolved.

This age coincides with the last phase of dental replacement. It means that we find temporary dentition (milk teeth) and permanent dentition (definitive teeth). Within this range, we treat most of the malocclusions using:


In these cases, we no longer have any piece of milk, but all the teeth are definitive and, therefore, where the patient’s biology and the pathologies that he has suffered such as cavities, extractions, periodontal disease among others, will have to deal multidisciplinary in many cases.

At this stage, the malocclusions are treated just as in adolescents:


Clicking on the image, you are going to acces to the malocclusion and you can see how it has been solved.

Agenesis of upper lateral incisor
Lack of space for upper fangs